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Summer Tip From Your Jeweler

As summer is approaching, and pools are starting to open, we wanted to send a friendly reminder to avoid wearing your jewelry around chlorine, bleach, and other strong chemicals.  These chemicals can damage your gold, causing your items to weaken, and prongs to break off. This can not only cause you to lose your stones, but also cause lengthy repairs to get your precious items back to their original state.  Summer is a great time to have all of your jewelery checked and cleaned so your stones sparkle in that wonderful sunlight.  Here at Hustedt Jewelers, we check and clean your jewelery ABSOLUTLEY FREE!  To go along with this, we also recommend having all of your pronged jewelry checked at least twice a year; a great reminder of when to do this is when the time changes. Be sure to take advantage of this free service with us to help prevent stone loss and have your pieces sparkling like new.